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Discussing people on various ITC events

ITC Work Lines

The activities of the ITC focus on promoting peer-learning and networking, as well as on building capacities and enhancing coordination of the different stakeholders in the area of tax and development. ITC events (conferences, workshops, trainings) take place on regional and international level. Analyses and studies further discussions on tax and development and help disseminate success stories and good practices of development partners and partner countries.

The major work lines of the current ITC work plan are the following:

Secretariat of the Addis Tax Initiative

As host to the Secretariat of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI), the ITC is responsible for all operational ATI activities, including the support of the ATI Steering Committee, outreach to potential new members, and support of partner countries as well as the monitoring of the ATI commitments. More information on the Addis Tax Initiative, including governance documents, the work plan and minutes of meetings can be found on the ATI website.

Tax network coordination

The ITC aims at supporting tax administration networks by providing a neutral forum for the co-operation, coordination and the exchange of experiences, knowledge, information, activities and good practices among the secretariats of the participating tax networks.

As a ‘hub’ to the tax networks, the ITC plays a facilitating role, supporting the tax networks where necessary and based on their needs and interests. More information on the Tax network cooperation.

ITC / ATI Tax and Development Conference

Since the launch of the International Tax Compact, the ITC has organised one larger event every 12 to 18 months aimed at bringing together relevant stakeholders to discuss capacity building issues in the area of domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM). The last international conference (on Taxation of Extractive Industries) organised by the ITC took place end of 2014.

The first ITC/ATI Tax and Development Conference will take place 14-16 June 2017 in Berlin, Germany. For more information about the conference, please visit the ITC / ATI Conference website.

Other development partners

As an inclusive platform, the ITC is open for all stakeholders that are active in the area of DRM / tax and development. This includes not only governments from developing countries and development partner countries, but also civil society organisations (CSO), academia and the private sector.