3rd World Bank Tax Conference: New Tax Instruments

New tax instruments, such as carbon taxes, taxes on the digital economy, and taxes on carbonated drinks will be the spotlight of the conference.

The World Bank, in collaboration with the TaxDev Centre will host the 3rd World Bank Tax Conference, which will focus on new fiscal instruments. The use of innovative tax instruments is highly relevant in the context of increasing public deficit, climate change, economic recessions, a growing digital economy and rising rates of obesity. Therefore, the conference will discuss recent research on new tax instruments, including but not limited to carbon taxes and other environmental taxes, taxes on the digital economy, and novel sin taxes such as taxes on carbonated drinks.

The conference will feature a keynote address by Professor Carolyn Fischer, Canada 150 Research Chair in Climate Economics at the University of Ottawa and Professor of Environmental Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, research presentations and academic discussions, and a special session in which policy makers will present policy proposals and receive feedback from academics.