The 7th Annual WBG/IMF Tax Sunday Conference

Co-hosted by the WBG and IMF on “International Tax Avoidance – What Has BEPS Accomplished for Developing Countries”

Co-hosted by the WBG and IMF, on “International Tax Avoidance – What Has BEPS Accomplished for Developing Countries”. The event will take place on Sunday, 18 October 2020, from 8:30 to 10:30 am (EDT) on Webex Events.

The upcoming Tax Sunday Conference will take stock of the experience of developing countries in the five years since the G20/OECD reached agreement on the 2015 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) package. Tax experts will discuss how developing countries can best navigate this field, which supports countries in exercising their taxing rights but also poses challenges in implementation, fairness in the distribution of taxing rights, and the impact of the BEPS agenda on economic competition and development of developing countries. 

The program agenda and the list of speakers will be announced shortly. For questions on registration, please contact us at Tax4Dev@worldbank.org.

First stage of registration procedure must be done before the 9th October and can be accessed here