FIT/IBFD Conference: International Tax: a quarter century of change and challenge

The three-day event, jointly organised by the Foundation for International Taxation and IBFD, will feature presentations on the current state of international tax reform and its historical context. Moreover, it will address the potential practical implications of the Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 proposals of the OECD/G20 BEPS Framework. There will also be technical sessions on particular aspects of international tax, with special focus on tax treaties, transfer pricing and general anti-avoidance rules.

The sessions will feature speakers from all over the world, spanning the entire spectrum of the tax profession – tax practice, industry, academia and the judiciary.



Keynote Speech:

International Taxation in the past 25 years - the view from India and around the world


Panels and Technical Presentations:

A. Global Overview of Recent Developments in International Tax

B. Technical Sessions on Tax Treaties, covering the following topics:

Treaty Entitlement 

Cross-Border Payments 

Permanent Establishments 

C. GAAR – the Global Experience in the Indian Context

D.  Transfer Pricing – Selected Issues

E. International Tax Reform in 2021 – Challenges, Prospects and the Way Forward

Pillar One – Selected Issues

Pillar Two – Selected Issues


You can access the complete agenda of the conference here.

Registration will open soon.