Fostering Domestic Revenue Mobilization (DRM) through Cooperation

Online Course facilitated by the Center of Excellence in Finance

After the adoption of the Addis Ababa Action Plan for Financing for Development, the DRM has been recognized as central for sustainable growth, poverty reduction and provision of public goods needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This workshop aims at improving cooperation between different government bodies to ensure country commitment for mobilizing domestic revenues.

What will you learn

Participants will discuss how the concept of DRM fits into the macro picture of public finances (revenue, expenditure, debt). Furthermore, they will debate the options for tax reforms for collecting higher revenues – different taxes, tax rates, tax base, tax exemptions, tax collection. Special focus will be given to specifics of countries in Eastern Europe. 

The second part will focus on characteristics of international cooperation within DRM framework. Moreover, participants will identify possibilities of data-sharing to improve their different systems and avoid that citizens have to deliver the same basic information to various government bodies.

The last part will be devoted to sharing the real technical and policy cases from the Netherlands.

Online course will consists of three thematic parts — each will consists of webinar and quiz for participants. The quiz results will be basis for follow up meeting, where learning needs of participants will be addressed. 

Registration and more information are available here.