Setting Global Tax Policy: Where Are We Heading?

Setting Global Tax Policy: Where Are We HeadingProceeding the GWU and IRS 34th Annual Institute on Current Issues in International Taxation.

Dive into the Global Tax Policy Discussion! 

  • Are you curious about the future of global tax policies?
  • Want to explore the evolving landscape of international taxation? 
  • Seeking insights from top experts in the field?

Look no further. In a world of change, particularly in international taxation, it’s helpful to know where things stand and where they are heading. The IBFD is bringing together leading international tax experts from around the world, covering issues that matter to practitioners in international taxation. 

The event will take place in Washington, DC on Wednesday, December 13th for the first half-day conference hosted by IBFD and Caplin & Drysdale. Attendance is complimentary. Registeration for the event can be completed via this link.