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2013 – Activities and Events of the ITC

13 September 2013 – Seminar “Regional Integration and Cooperation in Tax Administration”, Nairobi, Kenya

On 13 September 2013 the Inter-American Centre of Tax Administrations (CIAT), the World Bank Group/IFC, the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) and the ITC jointly organised a seminar on regional integration and cooperation in tax administration.
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3–5 July 2013 – Regional Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand

From 3-5 July 2013, the International Tax Compact together with the Revenue Department of Thailand as co-host and the support of the GIZ Office in Thailand, organised a regional seminar in Bangkok.
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10–14 June 2013 – 1st CRAFT Middle East Stakeholder Meeting
and 2nd Global CRAFT Training, Cairo, Egypt

Oxfam, Tax Justice Network-Africa and ECESR with the support of the ITC have jointly organized the 1st Middle East stakeholder meeting and the 2nd global training of the Capacity for Research and Advocacy for Fair Taxation (CRAFT) project for participants from Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan and India
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30–31 May 2013 – UN-DESA/ITC Technical Meetings on “Tax Treaty Negotiation and Administration”, New York, USA

The Financing for Development Office (FfDO) of UN-DESA and the International Tax Compact (ITC) organized, jointly, a technical meeting on “Tax treaty administration and negotiation”. This was the second meeting held within the context of a capacity development project, undertaken jointly by the two organizations, aimed at strengthening the capacity of Ministries of Finance, National Tax Authorities, and other competent authorities in developing countries to effectively identify and assess their needs in the area of double tax treaty negotiation and administration.
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26 April 2013 – Spotlight Event on Transfer Pricing in Latin America and the Caribbean, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A workshop sponsored by “International Tax Compact” (ITC), the World Bank – “International Finance Corporation”, USAID and CIAT was held on April 26, 2013 in Buenos Aires. Its main purpose was to promote the discussion among the different sectors of the international tax community of the main aspects regarding transfer pricing, from the normative as well as administrative standpoints.
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3–5 April 2013 – Workshop on Electronic Invoicing, Panama City, Panama

Within the framework of the collaboration program between CIAT and the International Tax Compact (ITC) for strengthening the Tax Administrations in Latin American and the Caribbean, a seminar on electronic invoicing was held from 3-5 April in Panama with the main purpose of presenting and discussing the prototype of an electronic invoicing system to be used in the international commerce among the CIAT member countries. This prototype, or standard model for the exchange of electronic invoices among the administrations, has been developed by a CIAT working group on electronic invoicing.
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5–6 March 2013 – Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy, Santiago, Chile

From 5-6 March, the UN ECLAC, in cooperation with AECID, BMZ, ITC, GIZ, IDB, the IMF, OECD and the World Bank realized the 25th Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy in Santiago de Chile.
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12–13 February 2013 – Regional Workshop on “Effectiveness of and alternatives to tax incentives as instruments to generate employment and attract investments”, Lusaka, Zambia

The Ministry of Finance, Government of the Republic of Zambia, organized from 12–13 February 2013 a regional workshop with the intention to initiate constructive regional dialog with a view to avoiding destructive tax competition amongst states and inspiring cooperative development of more effective instruments for attracting investments and generating well paid employment across the region.
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28–29 January 2013 – UN-DESA / ITC Group Meetings on “Capacity Building on Tax Treaty Negotiation and Administration”, Rome, Italy

On 28-29 January 2013 the Financing and Development Office (FfDO) of UN-DESA and the International Tax Compact (ITC) jointly organized two parallel Group Meetings on "Capacity Building on Tax Treaty Negotiation and Administration" in Rome, as part of a project aiming at strengthening the capacity of tax authorities in developing countries to effectively interpret and administer tax treaties.
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