Public Sector System Strengthening (PS3) will support Tanzania's government at both national and local levels to promote the delivery, quality, and use of public services, particularly for underserved populations. PS3 revenue activities are assisting local governments to: 1. Roll out of mobile application, point of sale, and daily management reports for revenue collection; 2. Make the Local Government Revenue Collection Information System (LGRCIS) interoperable with, and to allow auto exporting of revenue data, to a public database – to improve transparency of government financial activities; 3. Link resource tracking activities to improved collection and use of LGA own source revenue and identifying alternative viable sources of revenue; 4. Conduct a longitudinal LGA revenue collection study, looking at both increases in gross revenue and increases in net revenue due to efficiency gains or reductions in the costs of collecting revenue due to LGRCIS and its mobile application.
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USD 40000.00
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January 1, 2016
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December 31, 2016
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