Technical Assistance for Revenue Administration and Revenue Policy - Paraguay

Assistance to the Subsecretaría de Estado de Tributación (SET) helps the government to improve capacity to 1) conduct general audits as well as specialised taxpayer audits of financial institutions, agribusiness, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals; 2) strengthen risk analysis capacity, through the use of data to identify tax compliance risk and improve the effectiveness of audits; 3) build a robust internal audit capacity and reduce opportunities for corruption; and 4) conduct effective internal investigations that deter and detect employee misbehavior. In 2017 the advisors will work with the SET to institutionalise gains made in the general audit and specialised industry audit programs, revise manuals and procedures developed to date to incorporate feedback from front line auditors and managers, and implement an audit managers training program, to help middle and senior-level managers more efficiently administer the audit program and allocate resources. Work in internal audit and investigations will be postponed until 2018. New activities for 2017 will include developing the specialised audit program for pharmaceutical sales and the insurance sector and supporting the anti-tax fraud program within the SET tax evasion initiative, some of which involves money laundering, first uncovered during the Mega Fraud and Mega Evasion cases.
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January 1, 2016
Project End Date
December 31, 2016
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