Governing for Growth in Georgia (G4G) Activity

The purpose of the G4G activity is to improve Georgia's economic governance and leadership, particularly in the areas of the business enabling environment, water resource management and energy trading policy. G4G project assistance in the areas of tax policy and administration included: 1. Support to development of the Corporate Income Taxation (CIT) Reform of 216-- Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), comparative legal analyses to guide recommendations on draft provisions of the relevant part of the tax code; 2. Tax Audit: Trainings were conducted in International Financial Reporting Standards. A tax audit survey was conducted to identify weaknesses in audit practice. Analysis of tax disputes triggered by RS audit results, to study the consistency and justifications of the decisions at a level of RS/MoF Dispute Resolution Boards and, further, in the courts, and recommend legislative of administrative changes. 3. Activities to improve post-clearance audit were conducted, including workshops by German customs officers.
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