Facilitating Public Investment (FPI) Project

The Facilitating Public Investment (FPI) project was designed to address weak revenue collection, excessive fiscal incentives, outdated budgeting approaches, and overall economic governance challenges. The FPI project has assisted in the following areas of tax administration and tax policy: • Improvements in the Bureau of Internal Revenue's (BIR) taxpayer services through IT systems enhancements to enable significant increase in the use of electronic tax filing and tax payments – resulting in a 30% increase in tax returns filed and an increase in the number of e-filed returns to 17 million in 2016 from less than 2 million in 2014. • Support for the acquisition and processing of external data (e.g. customs data, securities and exchange data, procurement data) needed to improved BIR assessments through a risk-based audit selection and case-management system; • Capacity building for DOF technical staff in critical areas of tax policy analysis and tax reform advocacy through the mobilisation of consensus groups (composed of representatives from the government, private sector and civil society) to ensure broad-based support for the major tax law enacted in 2017; • Support for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) through grants to five local civil society organisations -- to ensure transparency in the flows and use of revenues from extractive operations in at least five provinces in Mindanao hosting mining operations with substantial levels of revenue.
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