TRA Tax Administration Twinning

Good tax policies and effective tax collection can promote the development of an equal society. Tanzania is reforming its tax administration based on a new five-year development plan (TRA 5th Corporate Plan). Finland will during the years 2017-2021 provide core support amounting to four million euros to the Tanzania TRA five-year development plan's basket fund (TMP). In addition to the core support Finland considers it important to strengthen the capacity of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to implement the necessary reforms by providing technical assistance to TRA through Finnish Tax Administration (VERO) especially in order to increase tax compliance . Finnish Tax Administration will support TRA 1) to improve implementation of measures supporting better tax compliance of business taxpayers with particular focus on voluntary tax compliance 2) to improve understanding of customer needs and a strengthened TRA service culture 3) strengthened approach and management of TRA internal audit. VERO?s technical support to TRA will be one million euros during the years 2018-2021.
USD 1127268.63
Project Start Date
December 13, 2017
Project End Date
December 31, 2019
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