e-Course Public Finance Management Reform - Case Study Slovakia

The aim of the agreement between the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and EBRD (EFO) is to prepare and run a facilitated e-course Public Finance Management Reform - Case Study Slovakia in order to present the complex process of Public Finance Management (PFM) reform in a practical way for learners in the developing countries, to enable them understand and apply the acquired knowledge in their own specific contexts. The course shall serve participants (public finance policy practitioners) from around the world, particularly from ECA and MNA countries to learn about best practices (based on the Slovakian experience and select comparator countries) while embarking on PFM reform programs. The e-course covers broad topics, such as macro-fiscal forecasting, medium-term budget framework and performance based budgeting (MTBF, PBB), treasury single account, cash and debt management, public sector reporting and accounting, public internal financial control (PIFC) and also IT support for PFM and open data.
USD 52000.00
USD 52000.00
Project Start Date
February 20, 2017
Project End Date
June 30, 2018
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