Technical Assistance for Revenue Administration and Revenue Policy -Cambodia

Project with Cambodias General Directorate of Tax (GDT) helped draft regulations for oil and gas import production and develop tools and skills to audit oil and gas enterprises, in 2009 and 2010. Subsequent years have included collaboration in developing manuals and procedures to effectively audit financial institutions, construction industry, and telecommunications sector, collecting tax arrears and HR reform. The project supported the implementation of a systematic taxpayer education system to enhance the GDTs capacity to serve taxpayers and to educate the public in complying with tax law. Advisors providing guidance on arrears collection to reduce arrears balances and stem their growth. Advisors are helping to streamline the organizational structure and its management and improve the HR process to assure adequate and competent staffing. The 2016 work plan continues assistance in the following areas: 1) internal audit, to establish the necessary checks and balances to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse; 2) tax arrears, supporting implementation of standardized procedures to resolve accounts and improve the GDTs ability to collect tax arrears due; 3) human resources, to include implementation of a merit-based personnel management system and support for the strategic and operational goals outlined in the governments Revenue Mobilization Strategy; and 4) specialized industry audit, to improve tax compliance and conduct quality audits in the telecommunications and transportation sectors.
USD -1930.00
USD 29020.00
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January 1, 2017
Project End Date
December 31, 2017
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