Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) 2018-2020 - Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund 2018-2020

The Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, ARTF, was established in 2002. It has since then been the main vehicle for international donors to support statebuilding, service delivery and governance in Afghanistan. Since its establishment, nearly 9 billion dollars have been disbursed from the fund, and Sida has contributed close to 3 billion Swedish kronor. ARTF is administered by the World Bank and projects and programmes are implemented by Afghan ministries and authorities. The resources are channelled through government systems. The investment projects cover areas such as agriculture, human development, rural development, infrastructure and governance. Projects financed under the ARTF are in line with Afghan priorities expressed in the ANPDF - Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework, the overarching development strategy. The tree year program document Partnership Framework and Financing Programme 2018-2020 describes the overall direction of the ARTF for the period. For 2018-2020, approximately 1,5 billion USD are planned for decisions on new investment projects and 900 million USD are planned for an incentive based budget support program.
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