Technical Assistance for Revenue Administration and Revenue Policy - Rwanda

OTA is assisting the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) to: Develop subject matter experts in Audit and Debt Management, and develop a robust, standard training curriculum for key personnel; implement plans and policies to ensure the RRAs personnel, property, and assets are secure; strengthen Debt Management operations by adhering to the requirements of the new Debt Management manual, implementing new process and automation, and training the Debt Management Workforce; increase the productivity of the Small and Medium Taxpayer Office (SMTO) and the Large Taxpayer Office (LTO) by developing Audit Centers of Excellence, training auditors in interviewing, research, and other skills, and implementing new management information reports and management techniques; enhance the productivity of audit by improving the dispute resolution process, and the processes for developing the audit work plan and audit workload selection; assure the sustainability of tasks implemented in 2017, including improvements to the risk management process, developing key performance indicators, and developing the new Enterprise Case Management system (eTax).
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