Technical Assistance for Revenue Administration and Revenue Policy - Papua New Guinea

In 2018, the Government of Papua New Guinea approved the Medium Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS), to reform how the country administers taxes and to overhaul operations at its Internal Revenue Commission (IRC). IRC requested OTA assistance in standing up a new Large Taxpayer Office (LTO), building procedures and capacity for improved communication, portfolio management, taxpayer services, and compliance. The 2019 project work plan focused on supporting voluntary compliance, through improved taxpayer services and outreach, facilitating accurate reporting in returns, and building capacity in transfer pricing. Advisors help the LTO identify messaging priorities for large taxpayers and develop communication schedule through 2020 for lodgments and payments. Other work includes developing strategies to improve the accuracy tax forms filed by large taxpayers, using data to develop a better risk analysis capacity for audit case selection, conducting classroom and on-the-job transfer pricing audit training, advising on partial payment agreements, and improving regulations to promote proper administration of transfer pricing audits. .
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