External Evaluation of the Addis Tax Initiative

This report presents the results of the mid-term evaluation of the Addis Tax Initiative.
July 2019

The evaluation of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) was commissioned by the International Tax Compact, with funding from the Germany Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Commission. It recommends continuing the Addis Tax Initiative after 2020, but adapting it to new needs and a changing institutional landscape. The Addis Tax Initiative should continue seeking collaboration with other initiatives and organisations, many of which are already ATI members. Specifically, the following recommendations were made:

  1. Agenda setting: making sure that partner countries play a more active part in steering the Addis Tax Initiative, developing an active membership policy to increase its representativeness on a worldwide scale, and giving priority to communication and visibility as a means to enhance its soft governance mechanisms.
  2. Donor coordination: a systematic assessment of demand for enhanced coordination services among ATI members.
  3. Peer learning: improving the collection and sharing of information (e.g. with more consistent monitoring reports and better reporting on DRM-related ODA).
  4. Matchmaking: rolling out matchmaking on a broader scale and strengthening the link between domestic DRM strategies or MTRS and donor programmes.
  5. Commitment: further improving the monitoring of all three commitments