Meeting Report of the first ATI post-2020 Task Force

The ATI Steering Committee established an ATI post-2020 Task to develop the road map for the Addis Tax Initiative beyond 2020.
August 2019

The objective of the ATI post-2020 Task Force meeting, which took place on 4 July 2019 back-to-back to the ATI/ITC Tax and Development Conference, was to identify potential themes the Addis Tax Initiative could focus on after 2020 and the roles it can play to foster those themes. The Task Force identified the following six themes and sub themes in order of priority:

Theme 1: Country ownership
  • Strengthen coordination of all partners

  • Greater political buy-in

Theme 2: Capacity development
  • Matchmaking

  • Targeted donor support

  • Peer to peer learning

  • Digitalisation

  • Regional cooperation and localisation

  • Experience sharing in tax administration and policy
 Theme 3: Tax policy  
  • Enhance tax policy units in member countries

  • Tax expenditures
  • Tax exemptions
Theme 4: Governance
  • Accountability

  • Sustainability
Theme 5: Agenda setting
  • Viable strategy for ATI

  • Increase coverage and scope
Theme 6: Impact evaluation and monitoring
  • Evaluation indicators

  • DRM progress monitoring
  • Quality of DRM
  • Experience sharing for evaluation