Meeting Report of the first ATI post-2020 Task Force

The ATI Steering Committee established an ATI post-2020 Task Force after its meeting in Paris in the end of 2018.
August 2019

The overall purpose of the Task Force is to develop the road map for the Addis Tax Initiative beyond 2020. Currently, all interested ATI members can be members of the Task Force. The ATI Steering Committee approved the Terms of Reference for the Task Force, which outline its mandate and timeline.

45 delegates representing 34 ATI members attended the meeting on 4 July 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The participants were evenly distributed over partner countries, development partners and supporting organisations. The list of participants can be found in Annex 1.

The meeting’s objective was to identify potential themes the Addis Tax Initiative could focus on after 2020 and the roles it can play to foster those themes.

The meeting was very participative, with active engagement by all delegates, knowledge and experience sharing, and synergies. By the end of the meeting, the Task Force identified six priority themes and subthemes thereunder, as well as several potential roles of the Addis Tax Initiative after 2020.

The Task Force also discussed whether its operations would be efficient and focused if the membership was as large or larger than on the meeting’s day. In principle, there was consensus that a smaller but representative body would be more efficient and effective. The delegates also provided valuable feedback on the potential criteria for reconstituting the Task Force. The Secretariat of the Addis Tax Initiative committed to sharing a draft proposal to re-constitute the Task Force. After considering the feedback from the Task Force’s meeting, the final proposal would be submitted to the ATI Steering Committee for approval.