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Tax Networks Cooperation


Regional/international tax networks vary broadly in size, organisational setup and scope of service offered. Also, the capacities of the tax networks secretariats vary significantly; not all have a permanent secretariat to support the network

Despite the differences, many functions of the networks are similar – as are the challenges that the tax networks face. Given the increasing importance of domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM) for financing growth and sustainable development and given the increasing importance of DRM in the international discussion, it becomes more and more important that tax networks are able not only to deliver the services that are needed by their members, but also to effectively articulate their members priorities in the international tax discussion.

Leaving aside direct support from development partners, tax networks can most effectively build their capacities by learning from one another and by taking advantage of synergies that increased cooperation can provide.

So far, eight organisations have signed a letter of intent, thereby committing themselves to join the Network of Tax Organisations (NTO, working title):

In this spirit, the participating organisations agreed to enhance cooperation, communication and collaboration, to leverage the experiences and extensive knowledge already available and to deliver improved services, new products and information to their members.

The ITC facilitates the Secretariat of the NTO, with funding provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Union.

Participating Networks