4th ICTA Conference and 10th ATAF Anniversary

Innovation - Digitalisation and Harnessing Technology to Improve Tax Systems

This is the bi-annual event brings together ATAF Member States, International organizations, Policy Makers, Academics and Civil Society Organisations to an International Conference on Tax on the continent. Of special importance this year, is that ATAF will mark a decade since its inception. It is therefore a great opportunity to have the climax celebrations during the 4th ICTA Conference. The theme for the 4th ICTA Conference will be “Innovation - Digitalisation and Harnessing Technology to Improve Tax Systems”.

During the three days’ walk through the conference theme, it is expected to explore innovative solutions to the policy challenges that countries face in dealing with the taxation of digitalized economy which will inform the global tax debate over the next decade, as well as African policy challenges including international and domestic aspects of the taxation of other key sectors. Further, discussions will look at innovation through use of technology in Africa to strengthen tax systems and develop solutions to tax base broadening, dealing with high net worth individuals, assessment and collection to increase tax efficiency and effectiveness.

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