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Welcome to the International Tax Compact!

The ITC is an initiative to strengthen international cooperation with developing and transition countries with the objective of enhancing domestic resource mobilisation. The ITC aims to promote effective, fair and efficient tax systems and combat tax evasion and inappropriate tax practices on a global scale.

As an informal and action-oriented platform, the ITC brings together a broad variety of development actors, including policymakers, experts, academics and civil society leaders working in the field of development and taxation. By combining their strengths and pooling the available capacities and resources, the ITC adds value to initiatives in the field of taxation and development without duplicating existing structures and efforts.

Latest News

ITC ATI 2017 Berlin conference logo

ITC/ATI Tax and Development Conference
Berlin, Germany / 14–16 June 2017

The ITC/ATI Tax and Development Conference will be held in Berlin from 14 to 16 June 2017.
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2nd Meeting of the Signatories of the Addis Tax Initiative,
Paris, France / 19 October 2016

The 2nd Meeting of the signatories of the Addis Tax Initiative was held on 19 October in Paris, France.
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First Meeting of Tax Administration Networks
Miami, USA / 13 October 2016

Subsequent to the CIAT Technology Meeting in Miami, regional tax networks came together to kick-off an enhanced cooperation amongst them. Tax networks secretariats representatives discussed how effectiveness and efficiency can be improved by collaborating and sharing information.
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ITC Parallel Session
“Information Technology in Tax Administration in Developing Countries”,
Miami, USA / 11 October 2016

During the CIAT Technology Meeting 2016, which was co-hosted by the ITC, the ITC held a parallel session on “Information Technology in Tax Administration in Developing Countries” featuring the presentation of the ITC/KfW study of the same name and followed by group discussions.
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