55th CIAT General Assembly

Review of the basic pillars for the operation of the tax administration, following technological innovation in the digital economy era

Last century’s evolution challenged the Tax Administrations to include in their structures ever more technology and all the innovations which the latter would present. It is for this reason that now, we are not only producers but also compilers of information, thereby storing information volumes, “virtually” every second, without having, even yet concluded the total transformation to a digital model.

Thus, the conference will attempt to consider from different standpoints, that question which undoubtedly all those of us involved in tax management may have asked ourselves at some time.That is: at any time of the tax control cycle, is this or some other information used, read, crosschecked or even consulted with some productive purpose?

This exercise necessarily calls for once again going over the foundations of the Tax Administration, such as the tax registry, examination and the way the information is managed.

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