ATI webinar: Equitable taxation

On behalf of ATI Consultative Group 2, the Secretariat of the ATI presents the upcoming webinar on equitable taxation that will take place on 10 November 2020 at 14:30 h (CET) in English.


Taxation plays a manifold role in combating inequality. Collecting taxes in a progressive manner contributes directly to reducing the gap between rich and poor and strengthens institutions, markets and democracy. In addition, resources raised from taxation can reduce inequality levels if used directly to benefit the poor. Taxation can also play a major role in helping to structure the economy to reduce primary market inequalities, and can be used to encourage investment in new technologies or businesses that enable workers to secure more of the profits, have more of a say and help build a more sustainable economy.

The webinar will provide ATI partner countries with insights to better understand the Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index – an indicator produced by Oxfam International and Development Finance International that assesses the impact of taxation on income Gini by ranking countries according to the progressivity of their tax systems – and to gather more data to quantify the progressivity of their tax systems. At the same time, it aims to spark a discussion around the questions of how tax systems can be made more progressive and how inequality can be reduced through taxation.

The live event will be held via the video conference tool “Microsoft (MS) Teams”. An invitation link will be provided to you by the Secretariat of the ATI. If you have not received a link, but are interested in participating, kindly contact secretariat@taxcompact.net.