TaxCOOP Conference 2020

The principle themes of TaxCOOP2020 include:

  •       Is this a new era of tax competition?
  •       Worldwide minimum taxation – Will reaching a consensus be enough?
  •       Corporate taxation and the digital economy – How to marry cooperation with unilateralism
  •       Impacts of tax inequality on democracy and the wealth gap – The major movements, causes and effects
  •       Innovating by means of international tax cooperation to meet environmental challenges
  •       Diverse models of cooperation possible, as envisaged by a focus group represented by the five continents
  •       The position of tax administrations regarding modernisation of tax regimes 
  •       Capacity of tax measures to adapt to an evolving business environment.

These subjects will be discussed by distinguished guest speakers, politicians, NGO spokespersons, CEOs, experts, researchers and representatives of civil society. All participants will be invited to interact to make it a truly inclusive, non-partisan and fruitful summit.

More information and registration available here