The South Centre becomes an ATI supporting organisation

Welcome to the newest member to the Addis Tax Initiative

With the endorsement of the ATI Declaration 2025, the South Centre joins a growing pool of organisations supporting the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI). The partnership between the ATI and the South Centre will bring mutual benefits in promoting developing country focused and coherent domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM) policies. In particular, the collaboration will be valuable in realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by supporting effective DRM efforts and building the capacity of partner countries to engage in international tax cooperation.

The South Centre is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 developing countries which works on an array of development issues, including sustainable development policies, climate change, and global governance. Its conception was inspired by the need to strengthen South-South cooperation in global affairs and, hence, seeks to analyse problems faced by developing countries, enhance the space for experience sharing, and provide intellectual and policy support. Its function is guided by two main principles – ‘South unity in diversity’ and ‘South progress through cooperation’.

The South Centre duly acknowledges DRM’s role in generating the necessary funds for the development goals and needs of the global South. It further recognises the challenges developing countries face in the international tax arena which require wider and collaborative reforms. These form the bases of its tax initiative – South Centre Tax Initiative (SCTI) – which promotes cooperation among developing countries on international tax matters and reform processes. As such, the activities of the SCTI include improving research capacity on taxation in the context of developing countries, and strengthening and coordinating the negotiation positions of the South in international fora. On capacity-building, the initiative works to build networks among developing country officials, spotlight and share practical solutions emerging from developing countries, and strengthen their participation in standard setting negotiations.

Publications of the South Centre on tax and development issues can be found here.