Stronger Together: Building Synergies for Domestic Revenue Mobilisation

An NTO position paper on the role of regional tax organisations in the Addis Tax Initiative post 2020.
July 2019

In this position paper, the Network of Tax Organisations outlines the following recommendations for the Addis Tax Initiative post 2020:

  • Recognise its unique set-up with partner countries and development partners coming together at one table united by their common goal.
  • Step up efforts in reaching out to non-ATI partner countries, especially in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America.
  • Support the ATI in taking over a more active role in donor coordination at the international level.
  • Launch a new ATI Declaration by 2020.
  • Focus on the objectives of aid effectiveness and donor coordination and better taking into consideration the absorption capacities of partner countries;
  • Recognise the role that regional and tax organisations and the NTO can play in promoting South-South cooperation, notably through peer-to-peer exchanges, and needs-based aid delivery to DRM. 
  • Consider supporting the NTO and its member organisations as best-placed and reliable partners to assess and report on the effectiveness of DRM initiatives conducted in their member countries, and ensure DRM efforts are targeted in areas where it has the most impact.
  • Commit to strengthening the inclusiveness of international tax standard setting processes and to supporting the NTO in providing a stronger voice to partner countries within existing international frameworks.