African Tax Administration Forum

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Tax network


The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) is a pan-African network providing a platform for intra-African collaboration and peer-learning between tax administrations. It aims to improve the capacity of African tax administrations, enhance the role of taxation in governance and state building, provide a voice for African tax administrations and administrators, and enhance pan-African collaboration and cooperation with development partners. ATAF’s capacity building measures also include online courses and the establishment of a Master’s programme. Currently, ATAF has 36 member countries.

ATAF focuses its work on two key areas: technical assistance and research. Different activities evolve around three main objectives in those areas: Fostering efficient and effective African tax administrations, driving the knowledge hub on African tax matters as well as informing and influencing the regional and global dialogue as the African voice in the field of taxation. Many activities have been undertaken to work towards these objectives. ATAF will moreover continue its efforts to influence the global tax standards.

ATAF endorses the ATI objectives of the Addis Tax Initiative and has joined the Addis Tax Initiative as ATI supporting organisation. 


  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of tax administrations
  • Regional and international partnership and cooperation
  • Representation of tax administrations


  • Research
  • Conferences
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Working groups

Organisational Structure

ATAF Secretariat


  • Executive Secretary
  • Other officials appointed to the Executive Secretary


  • Legal representative of ATAF’s strategic leadership
General Assembly


  • Platform for strategic dialogue between members and stakeholders
  • Appoints office bearers, including Executive Secretary
  • Approves the work programmes and corresponding budgets
  • Determines any increment in membership fees
ATAF Council


  • Overall management of ATAF’s business affairs


  • Annual membership fees
  • Four categories of membership fees according to a member’s ability to pay the annual contribution, for which nominal GDP figures are used as proxy variable


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